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Snack Attack!!!?

I thought I would try going to bed early to end my crappy day…couldn’t quite fall asleep, so I decided I would eat a late night snack.

I swung myself off my bed and dug around my purse and what do I find? Hot Cheetos. Ye yea.

Let me state that i’m lazy, and proceeded not to turn on any lights.

Now I’m jamming. Bust open these hot chips, I’m lying back in bed, not even thinking about the bugs that could start to manifest from my late night snack excursion. I start throwing these bad boys back in the handful, like I’m eating popcorn. Then I start choking. Let me inform you that hot cheetos are tough to eat while lying down. The seasoning from the chips hit your throat on a entirely new level.

Anyway, I was coughing up a storm and decided to get some water. However, I had a dilemma. I had cheeto dust all over my fingers.
* Side Note: If I was wearing jeans, best believe those bad boys would have been used as a napkin.

I would have licked my fingers but the cheeto dust already caught a sister off guard. So I flicked my fingers away from my bed…but I forgot my fan was on full blast..and that hot cheeto dust got in my eye. Oh lord Jesus. That stuff is like pepper spray. My eyes are still watering. Its worst than having my phone drop on my face from texting and lying down.

And to answer your question, No I did not get out of bed to rinse my eyes. I’m already in bed and comfortable. 

Childhood dream complete. Fantastic time on The Price Is Right. Drew was on one, hilarious #getmoney #priceisright #drewismyhomeboy #5hrwaittime #bruce #excitement

Sunny sandy style. Was hot what a fun shoot day @shadeandslouch @bpnuss @teekthesneak @kyliecusick

@boetheshark Is my favorite shark. He always cracks me up. Been loads of fun on this shoot. #sharkweek #sharkafterdark #productionlife #bobtheshark #shark #happyfaces

PA Nation. We’re serious about our jobs.

Sorry to those that have already seen this photo, but it’s sick, so I’m re-posting. I Worked with a power house of ladies today on set. Was refreshing and empowering. Also, I’m making this into a mixtape cover #productionlife #playinyourpower #girlpower

"How’d you get your hair to do that?" "I stuck a fork in a socket." #youcanthandlethetruth #frotastic #shocking #afro #fro #naturalhair #realtalk #storypictures

Gotta love the lighting at the pizza joint.

Back in the bay hanging with @brianakranz . What you know about those fake Cheetos #pupusa #modelo #fakecheetos #dinner #friendtime

This past weekend was the BOMB.

Hung out with friends. Finally got to swim. Can’t wait to share. I have videos and photos to edit first, but stay tuned.

Love this song.

Back to 1

"Back-to-one" it’s the phrase used on set to instruct the actors and crew to restart at the top of a scene. Currently it’s my favorite life activity that I face while pursuing work in the film industry.

I’m back to looking for work. The short gigs I’ve worked have ended, and my “real job” at Warner Bros Is on hiatus. (slow break in the season)

I could cry about being unemployed again but I’m trying to get a hold of this new career flow.

I’ve learned that you must never stop looking for work. Ever. Even when you have a job look for more or better opportunities. Don’t settle. You have to stay busy.

I’m off to 10-1, I’ll end here.

People of the world, have an awesome day.

Capture That #ditchthefilm #reflection #alexa #camera #productionlife

Life on set. Jumping Ladders, and Production Hammock