Ms. Cinematic

I'm an aspiring filmmaker trying to keep the script too my life as entertaining as possible.

"How’d you get your hair to do that?" "I stuck a fork in a socket." #youcanthandlethetruth #frotastic #shocking #afro #fro #naturalhair #realtalk #storypictures

Gotta love the lighting at the pizza joint.

Back in the bay hanging with @brianakranz . What you know about those fake Cheetos #pupusa #modelo #fakecheetos #dinner #friendtime

This past weekend was the BOMB.

Hung out with friends. Finally got to swim. Can’t wait to share. I have videos and photos to edit first, but stay tuned.

Love this song.

Back to 1

"Back-to-one" it’s the phrase used on set to instruct the actors and crew to restart at the top of a scene. Currently it’s my favorite life activity that I face while pursuing work in the film industry.

I’m back to looking for work. The short gigs I’ve worked have ended, and my “real job” at Warner Bros Is on hiatus. (slow break in the season)

I could cry about being unemployed again but I’m trying to get a hold of this new career flow.

I’ve learned that you must never stop looking for work. Ever. Even when you have a job look for more or better opportunities. Don’t settle. You have to stay busy.

I’m off to 10-1, I’ll end here.

People of the world, have an awesome day.

Capture That #ditchthefilm #reflection #alexa #camera #productionlife

Life on set. Jumping Ladders, and Production Hammock

Can’t wait to be back in the Bay Area. Got some skateboarding and girl time to look forward to. Can’t wait

Park Blvd Bump - YouTube

This routine is fire. The gentleman in the front and the lady on the right, they are killing it. Personality is embedded in every move. Truly entertaining.

Throwback Doppelganger. #tbt #lavender #Matilda

“ I want to rip off your logic and make passionate sense to you. I want to ride in the swing of your hips. My fingers will dig in you like quotation marks, blazing your limbs into parts of speech. ”


—Jeffrey McDaniel (via tilthe)

Wow. Talk about expressive words

(via mutations)